Xio Yu

Ann's fetchling monk from Tian, partial owner of The Laughing Devil Tavern.


A fetchling wearing monk gear.


She was born in Tian, her parents Merek and Sia raising her within the walls of the Shadow Lotus Clan monastery. The monastery routinely freed fetchlings from their plane in return for their guidance in matters of shadow mastery, stealth, and planar studies. She has a twin brother, Lazan, who stayed in Tian as a ninja for the Shadow Lotus. Her mother Sia died when an umbral dragon attempted to destroy the monastery.

This was near the end of the Shadow Lotus war with the Mute Crane clan — shortly after, she threw herself into her studies to become a martial arts master. She also couldn’t bear to stay in Tian, instead wanting to meet her destiny in the wider world. Not wanting to die in one spot.

Xio Yu

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