Former lover of Serenna Velente - Vampire Monk - DESTROYED


Shang-Tsi appeared to be a Tian male, but with white, nearly blue skin and glowing red eyes. His face was gaunt and drawn, his clothing was typical fighting Tong garb.


What the PC’s Know About Him

Shang-Tsi is from the Shadow Lotus monastery in the mountains of Tsark Han-Tao in Tian Xia. This monastery was home to both Tian and Fetchling adherents to the Elemental Winds forms of martial artistry. They were also the training facility for the Shadow Lotus assassin’s guild, known as the Darkened Blade. Ann’s character’s family – her brother Lazan, and her father Merek are assassins in the Darkened Blade, following a family tradition.

Shang-Tsi is a member of the faction within the monastery that feels that the fetchlings are demons, only fit to serve – the fact that any of them have risen to prominence or have been taught the secrets of the Elemental Winds sickens him. He despises Ann’s character and just before he died – he mentioned their mysterious fate to her.

Shang-Tsi was apparently turned into a vampire spawn at some point since leaving Tian and becoming the lover of Serenna Velente. His attraction and fealty to her is either love or vampiric domination, it was never made clear which to the players. He was destroyed by Ann’s monk in an assault on Serenna’s lair in Absalom.


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