Sarissa Velente

Wealthy Chelish Vampire Sorceress Misanthrope


Sarissa Velente is a pale, exquisitely beautiful Chelish female. She favors crimson and gold colors along with slick polished leathers in black and red. Her eyes are rimmed in bloody red, and her skin is porcelain. Her incisors just slightly indent on her lower lip.


What You’ve Found Out About Sarissa Velente

Sarissa Velente is the daughter of Tyron Velente – a Demonlord of Cheliax’s capitol city. She and her personal bodyguard and lover Shang-Tsi have come to Absalom to seek the favor of one of the Pathfinder Society’s Decemvirate. She is also affected by vampirism. Her lover Shang-Tsi is a vampire spawn Monk.

Sarissa’s plan to seek the Decemvirate’s favor did not go as planned. Grandmaster Torch enlisted the PC’s help to assassinate her and investigate her holdings in Absalom.

Sarissa caught wind of this, and sent Shang-Tsi with a group of Chelish mercenaries to kill them, with forged bounty documents. The PC’s fought off Shang-Tsi, and became her deadliest enemies.

Sarissa apparently had been building a power base in Absalom, trafficking in demonic magical items and illicit magical goods of all kinds. Her age is unknown, but her apparent access to lesser artifacts and valuable artwork suggest she may have been at this for nearly a century.

Sarissa’s holdings have been systematically burned to the ground by the PCs. They have finally ran her out of Absalom; and have occupied her former lair as their new base of operations in the city’s merchant district.

Absalom’s city guard has a small department dedicated to rooting out occult and magical dangers to the citizenry, called the Purgers. They’ve been investigating Sarissa for a few years. The PCs were given her property’s title and actual real estate as a reward for driving out a known vampire from the city, and eliminating her ancillary vampiric criminal gang as well.

Sarissa’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sarissa Velente

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