One of the original founders of the Pathfinder Society, resurrected.


A young human female with a pretty face and mischievous eyes. She wears purple and red colored clothing, favoring loose fitting robes and a deep indigo cloak. She carries with her the Staff of the Magi, a wondrous glittering staff of magical power.


Embershard – her real name lost to the mists of ancient Golarian history – was the partner of Harrigan the Fighter; a half-giant barbarian who was her best friend. They were called ‘The Sword and Shield of Absalom’ – her magic and his weapon protected the often besieged city. They were also treasure hunters and were among the first to believe that the ancient world and artifacts of the fallen cities should be catalogued and hidden from those who would abuse them.

When Embershard died, Harrigan buried her in the ruins of an old aristocratic tomb, not knowing her soul was bound into the crystal atop Sarissa’s artifact, the Staff of the Magi. Sarissa knew something was in the blood colored ruby atop the Staff, but was never able to open it.

The players recovered first the staff for Torch, then her remains. The clerics and wizards of the Temple of Pharasma have resurrected her in recent weeks. She is busy learning about the world as it is now, nearly thousands of years later. Soon, she will rejoin the world and possibly the Pathfinder Society.


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